Recent Comment Pieces on Energy Economics

21 June 2012


My reports related to Canadian oil expansion economics are all available on this blog. However, there are a number of shorter pieces I’ve written that are printed in various Canadian media. I thought it would be useful to post the links to the pieces to make them easily accessible.

Toronto Star: Canada’s energy strategy is not “Made in Canada”. June 24, 2012

Vancouver Sun: Keep the oilsands’ wealth at home. May 17, 2012

Edmonton Journal: We all pay the price for petro-dollars. May 17, 2012

Times Colonist: We need to get the pipeline economics right. May 12, 2012

Island Tides: Some Path, Some Future. June 14, 2012

A couple of weeks ago the Macdonald-Laurier Institute released a paper that suggested the Dutch disease was not a problem in Canada. A review of their paper exposed their analysis as unrepresentative of the facts in the reports they relied on. The Institute prepared a comment piece and circulated it to media. The Vancouver Sun printed my critique.

Vancouver Sun : Macdonald-Laurier Dutch disease not a Canadian issue. June 7, 2012

Vancouver Sun: Dutch Disease infects think-tank report on oil boom. June 12, 2012