Northern Gateway And Risk

10 July 2012


In the wake of the Enbridge Kalamazoo River spill and the recent findings by the US National Transportation Safety Board, there has been interest in insurance and risk issues related to Northern Gateway. In January, I included in my report a section raising concerns about risk and access to adequate financial resources given the proposed Limited Liability structure of Northern Gateway. These concerns prompted a series of questions from the NEB Joint Review Panel. Access to this information is available below and on the Public Registry of the NEB Northern Gateway site.

The original report, An Economic Assessment of Northern Gateway is available in the February Archives on this blog. Part II discusses corporate structure and insurance issues.

The response to the questions raised by the JRP are available here, and all background documents filed with the answers.

A few relevant articles related to these issues are:

Andrew Nikiforuk, Tyee, Enbridge not positioned to pay for Northern Gateway spill

Peter O’Niel, Post Media, Pipeline a risk to taxpayers