Letter to Prime Minister Trudeau

05 December 2016


On November 29, 2016 the Liberal government approved the Trans Mountain Expansion Project after it promised during the election campaign that the review would be redone. On October 24, 2015 I wrote to Prime Minister Trudeau urging him to immediately make good on his promise since the NEB review could not be trusted to deliver a credible report. Mr. Trudeau broke his promise. Instead of a valid process and a decision based on science, research and facts, Canadians have been given approval for a Project based on misinformation and false urgency.

I have attached a copy of my letter to Mr. Trudeau. I am saddened to learn that both the NEB and Kinder Morgan knew at the time what the rest of us have since learned—Mr. Trudeau and his Liberal colleagues had no intention of living up to the promise made. Canadians deserve due process, and without due process, permission for Trans Mountain’s expansion will never be given.