Video Presentation - Pipelines and Oil Tankers: Economic Cost and Environmental Risk

09 December 2013


This video presentation addresses the impact of the Federal government’s energy policy. It exposes how a handful of multinational corporations and state-owned national oil companies from foreign countries plan to exploit our energy resources. It reveals how heavy oil pipeline projects—along with the tanker traffic they trigger—promise economic, social, cultural and environmental harm.

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There is still time to choose a different approach—one that is not only in the public interest and respects First Nations’ rights, but also promises sound resource development and promotes a healthy economy for BC, Alberta and the rest of Canada.

Credits: Title, The Missing Pieces, Who are they?, Exploitation is not Development, More Pipelines More Supertankers, Top 10 Economic Reasons - Adam Bognar; Higher Prices Slide - Dan Phelps; Harper Promises Slide; Harper Turns Back Slide; Michigan Risk Slide