Presentation to the Trans Mountain Expansion Project Ministerial Panel

05 October 2016


On June 30, 2016 the Government of Canada announced how the Ministerial Panel established by Natural Resources Minister Carr planned to gather Canadians’ views on the Trans Mountain Expansion Project. Local communities, Indigenous peoples and other impacted stakeholders were given three ways of engaging—through in person town hall meetings, an online questionnaire and written comments submitted via email.

Kinder Morgan and the National Energy Board were not subject to these requirements. They were provided preferential treatment instead. The Ministerial Panel invited Kinder Morgan and the National Energy Board to closed door private "pre-engagement" meetings that took place in Calgary in early June. These meetings were held even before the public was informed about their options to “engage” with the Ministerial Panel.

Once aware that town hall meetings would be held I made inquiries to NRCan about presenting before the Panel. I wrote a number of times before receiving a response. Eventually I was advised that I could have 3-5 minutes to make a presentation. Limited to such a time frame, I decided not to make an in-person appearance. I “engaged” with the Panel through written submissions.

A copy of my September 28, 2016 brief to the Ministerial Panel is provided here.